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ONE BIG CLOSET • For you • by you


How we work

Share to Wear is a peer-to-peer dress rental exchange service. We are redesigning the way femme-identifying college students INTERACT with fashion one transaction at a time. We create one accessible, fashionable and affordable closet for all students to share.

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Dress owners bring their dresses to our shop where they are reviewed by the team. If they are accepted into our inventory we display them in our shop. Every time a dress is rented, the owner recieves 40% of the rental. Owners can pick up their dresses whenever they want them back.


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Customers come to our shop to browse our collection of dresses and try on as many as they like. They rent the dress of their choice until the following Monday. Each renter signs a waiver to confirm that they know the return process and agree to cover the cost of any damages. We take care of dry cleaning and storage.

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Where you’ll Find us

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To pull off any look, wear it with confidence.
— Audrey Hepburn